Aktion gegen Bettwanzen

Precaution against bed bugs

When it became apparent during the regular home visits by the Guardians (legal guardians) that some apartments were affected by bed bugs, an action was planned to eliminate them. A team of Jiamini employees and Kenyan volunteers met in early March 2019 to remove the insects from the affected apartments.

Regardless of any hygienic conditions, bed bugs can occur. They are blood-sucking insects and can theoretically also transmit pathogens - the risk of transmission through bed bugs, however, is estimated to be extremely low. However, bed bug bites are usually very itchy and scratching the skin can lead to bacterial infections. In order to improve the living conditions of the children as well as the Guardians, a long-term elimination of the insects is necessary.

With the help of insecticides, the team fought the bed bugs in the affected apartments. A follow-up check will be carried out after a few weeks in order to possibly repeat the treatment.



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