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Andrew and Purity are now in high school

Purity and Andrew successfully completed eight-year primary school in December 2018. Both have been attending high school since January. This usually lasts four years and is a prerequisite for later going to university. In addition to books and the school uniform, high school students also have to pay expensive school fees. These vary depending on the school. The better a school is, the higher the fees, but also the higher the chances of being admitted to a university.

Until now, Purity’s grandmother was able to finance her granddaughter’s schooling on her own. However, they are no longer able to bear the high high school fees they have to pay. Jiamini has decided to support her and enable Purity to attend high school. To finance this, above all the Jiamini high school sponsorships play a crucial role. Without the support of these sponsorships, Jiamini would not be able to finance a high school education for the children. To guarantee that the money goes into the children's education, the fees are paid directly at the school by a Jiamini employee.

In total, Jiamini is currently supporting five children in high school. In addition to Purity and Andrew, Mercy, Denis and Agnes are already attending high school.

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