Erfahrungsbericht aus Kenia

Experience report from Kenya

On May 20, Laura Laupheimer, Natascha Golms and Alexandra Senner reported on their stay in Kenya in the Mühlbachsaal in Schemmerhofen. They shared their experiences with the guests present. If you didn't have time that day, you can find out all the important details about your time in the Kiandutu slum here:

The three board members were in Kenya from the beginning of April to the beginning of May 2019. During this time they supported the Jiamini team on site and, among other things, introduced a library system. They also visited the school in the Kiandutu slum and the one in the city to get an idea of ​​the current state of the school. They also stopped by Brian, who has now completed his training as a carpenter and is therefore less and less dependent on Jiamini's help.

For Jiamini, close contact between the organizations "Jiamini CBO" in Kenya and the "Förderverein Jiamini e.V." in Germany is very important. This is the only way to build mutual understanding and create a partnership on an equal footing. It was a very special time, especially for Laura and Natascha, as they were there for the first time.

Overall, the board members state that the team on site is doing a great job and the social workers in particular have gone through a great development. Advances in children's education can also be seen.

Since all donations at Jiamini go directly to the project, the costs for the visit were of course taken over privately.

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