Erste Lockerungen der Corona Maßnahmen in Kenia

First easing of the corona measures in Kenya

On July 6th, the Kenyan government lifted the lockdown of certain cities, such as Nairobi and Mombasa. So you can travel freely again within Kenya. Domestic flights have been possible again since July 15 and since August 1, the Kenyan airspace has also been reopened for international flights. In addition to these first steps in opening up the country, the night curfew, the mask requirement and the distance regulation were extended by another 30 days.

Kenya, one of the most famous safari countries, needs tourism. Much of the Kenyan population has lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. It usually hits the poorer part of society first. The first steps towards opening up travel allow us to hope for a slight easing of the situation. But you will also have a close look at the number of new infections, because this continues to rise sharply. Here, too, it is important to weigh up the spread of the corona virus and the economic consequences.

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