Jiamini unterstützt Karatecenter im Kiandutu Slum

Jiamini supports karate centers in the Kiandutu slum

In the Kiandutu slum, residents have founded a karate center. Here, children from the slum can practice karate every day after school. The aim of the training units is to get to know your body better and to practice self-discipline and perseverance. In addition, sport offers a meaningful activity after school and can help to keep the children away from the negative influences of the slum.

During the holidays, all the children at the Jiamini Day Center took part in a few karate lessons. Some of the older guys have stayed and are now continuing to train. The courses are free and are offered on a voluntary basis by some slum dwellers with karate training.

At the moment, however, the teachers can only offer a course until 6:30 p.m., as the sun goes down at this time and it gets too dark for further training units. Like most rooms in the slum, the training room also has no power connection. Jiamini is therefore supporting the project by installing electricity. This means that several courses can be offered and a division into groups / age groups will be possible in the future.

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