Jiamini bei Mühlishausen

Jiamini at Mühlishausen

This year Jiamini was represented in the children's play city “Mühlishausen”. For several years now, this holiday program for children between 8 and 12 years has been taking place as a joint project between the Mühlbach School and the community of Schemmerhofen.

On Tuesday Laura and Janina organized an activity game in which the children had to guess words related to Jiamini. It was then clarified to what extent the terms are related to Jiamini or Kenya. So the children could learn a lot about the country, the culture and the work of Jiamini.

On Wednesday, Parents' Day, Laura and Alexandra sold waffles with the children. The proceeds went to Jiamini, which means that further projects can be implemented in Thika. A big thank you for the support and the interest goes to the children, as well as to the Mühlishausen organization team.




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