Jiamini vergibt Menstruationstassen

Jiamini gives out menstrual cups

Jiamini gives out menstrual cups

Menstruation is a taboo subject in many countries. This is also the case in Kenya. In addition, many girls and young women in Kenya cannot afford hygiene products, which is why they fall back on old rags, leaves, etc. Many girls withdraw from everyday life during their period because of insecurity, shame and a lack of hygiene products.

The Kenyan Ministry of Education estimates that girls miss a total of 156 days in four years of high school because they miss classes because of their periods. In 2011 Kenya was one of the first countries in the world to abolish taxes on feminine hygiene products. Even so, many girls in Kenya still cannot afford sanitary towels.

In order to support the women and to give them easier access to education, Jiamini decided to distribute menstrual cups free of charge. A workshop was organized for this during the holidays (November 2018). In addition to the girls from the Jiamini day center, other young women from the Kiandutu slum were invited. At the beginning, two Kenyan experts from Nairobi showed them how the cups can be inserted and used. In addition, questions about menstruation were discussed. Afterwards, all participants who were interested received a Jiamini-funded cup from OrganiCup. Since this day was very popular, more are planned in the future.

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