Kassenwart besucht Jiamini Tageszentrum

Treasurer visits Jiamini day center

Jeanette Zimmerman, treasurer of the Jiamini Association, spent a few weeks in Kenya in August and visited the Jiamini day care center. During this time, she not only met with the financial manager of the Jiamini CBO for bookkeeping, but also spent a few afternoons with the children to make bracelets and play Frisbee together. She was impressed by how independently Jiamini CBO now works and how big and grown up some of the children have already become. She would like things to continue like last year. Steady growth, slowly but surely.

Jeanette recommends a trip to Kenya to anyone interested. With its beautiful, varied nature and impressive views, there is a lot to discover there. She herself made a tour of the Blue Post Hotel and climbed Mount Kenya. Both attractions are not far from Jiamini Day Center. If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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