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Sinja Stötzner on site for at least one year

Sinja Stötzner, the co-founder of Jiamini CBO and the Föderverein Jiamini e.V. has now moved to Kenya for at least a year. After completing her legal traineeship at the Realschule in Spaichingen, she now wants to support the Jiamini day center in Kenya with its further development.

Her goal is to lead the guardians of the orphans with the help of Jiamini into an independent life so that they will one day be able to look after the children themselves.

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  1. Nixon muli

    Good work by the CO. Wish I could get opportunity to meet Sinja Stotzner

  2. Agnes Isina

    Wow! This a great job. May God help you and provide funds to sustain the organisation.
    Whoever who gives any support will be blessed forever. Community work is always my passion.
    I know one day I’ll get a chance to work closely with the needy. Good work Madam Sinja, blessings

  3. Maurine Mutunga

    Am living in Nairobi slums and dealing with children from poor background most of them come to school without even books nor uniform,it’s just my humble request that we come together and heip them thank you in advance

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