Umstrukturierung der Patenschaften

Restructuring of sponsorships

The Förderverein Jiamini e.V. has now decided to no longer assign the sponsorships personally, but to distribute sponsorships from the Jiamini day center. The previous household packages will also be changed to sponsorships by the Jiamini Day Center.

With a sponsorship of the Jiamini Day Center , the sponsors help provide the children with three meals a day, ensure they can attend school and finance health care. This relieves the legal guardians, they can work with our support and can build up a financial basis.

With the new assignment, Jiamini can now support all children according to their needs. This restructuring is more appropriate to the dynamic system of our new structure and enables the organization to act in a more flexible and problem-oriented manner.

All sponsors will also be informed by post from the Jiamini e.V.

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