Neues zur Corona-Lage in Kenia

News about the corona situation in Kenya

After a significant decrease in new infections in September, the numbers rose sharply again in October. The government is responding with several measures. These include a night curfew, the closure of restaurants from 10 p.m., a general obligation to wear a face mask in public, as well as the regulation that only 50% of the seats in public transport may be occupied.

The government only recently opened schools to the final grades. That means students of grade 8 (Primary School) and the so-called Form 4 (Secondary School) visit the schools again. Four of the Jiamini children are affected by these improvements so they can go back to school for now.

The currently increasing numbers may cause a sad mind of some people but there is a still hope that the measures taken by the government and the independent behavior of the population can reduce the number of new infections again. This would make it possible to admit other classes for lessons. However, with a further increase in new infections, we also see a possible development towards a complete closure of schools again.

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