Spendenlauf der Mühlbachschule Schemmerhofen

Donation run of the Mühlbachschule Schemmerhofen

The community school in Schemmerhofen has been a partner school of the Jiamini orphanage since February 2016.

While Josephine Mwangi was in Germany in June 2016, she attended several classes at the community school and answered a wide variety of questions from the children. The idea arose to organize a donation run around to support Jiamini CBO . Some students of teaching group 6 planned the A course of the race very spontaneously and professionally. Each runner looked for sponsors who then donated a predetermined amount for each lap they ran. Many parents, godparents, grandmas, grandpas and other acquaintances even rounded up the amount to be donated. Some teachers at the school also successfully looked for sponsors and ran with them. So the fantastic sum of 4400 € came together.

Some other students of the LG 6 planned a day of action for the two third grades and thus raised € 125, which they also donated. The motivation of the LG 6 is unrestrained! The next action is just around the corner, there should be an ice cream sale at the school.

Many thanks to all organizers of the LG 6 !!!!!


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