Vorsitzende zu Besuch im Tageszentrum

Chair visits the day center

For Jiamini, close contact between the organizations "Jiamini CBO" in Kenya and the "Förderverein Jiamini e.V." in Germany is very important. This is the only way to build mutual understanding and create a partnership on an equal footing.

In order to maintain this contact, the board members of Jiamini e.V. visit the project in Kenya regularly. So last month (August 2018) chairwoman Alexandra Senner. The regular visits result not only in a close relationship between the organizations, but also in transparency towards the donors. Ongoing projects can be monitored and new impulses can be set on both sides.

In addition, the board members can get a personal picture of the current situation and development of the day center. This is particularly important for the other members of the development association, as it gives them a better understanding of current developments and challenges.

Because all donations at Jiamini go directly to the project, the costs for the visit were of course taken over privately.




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