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Workshop for project managers

Project manager Stano Ezi took part in a five-day workshop on the topic: “Family reuniting - safe methods”. The aim of the workshop was to inform leaders of non-governmental organizations about the current legal and political situation in the social sector.

The current government wants to close many orphanages with the aim of promoting the reintegration of children into the family and community. As a result, operating permits for many orphanages will not be extended in the future - if there is no restructuring.

Jiamini is not affected by this problem. On the contrary, the day center even represents the type of project desired and supported by the government. The advantage of a day care center is that the bond between the children being looked after and the family, community and culture is maintained.

Other difficulties within the organizations were also discussed. Here, too, Jiamini is quite positive, as there is currently neither the problem that too many children fall on too few staff, nor that the children run away when they go back to the family.

Overall, Stano was able to take many tips with him to improve the social work within the day center. Especially when it comes to home and school visits, he wants to share the knowledge he has gained with the rest of the social workers.

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